another exotic design

Colleen Maree is delighted to be able to offer a range of custom services including:

  • Wedding hats and exotic veils
  • Hair accents for formal and informal occasions
  • Riding hats, top hats, cocktail hats, prom dress and bridal accessories
  • Fabulous doll fashion hats 
  • Teddy bear accessories
  • Original window display pieces to accent your store
  • Fashion accessories to decorate your home, office, or place of business
  • Walking Bustles and bustle extensions
  • Steampunk and Neo Victorian costume
  • 1950's style clothing
  • 1940's style clothing
  • Red Hat society
  • Jewellery is available at 



    Photo by: Soul Focus
    Hat Styles: Black tricorn
    Garments by: Gallery Serpentine


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    Please use this form for Custom orders or if you see a hat or steampunk accessory you want to buy on one of the photo albums. Send me a message with the item number or product name and I will contact you in regards to availablily and shipping times.

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